Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Are you Filthy Rich?

Subject: Re: Are you Filthy Rich?
To: Lelia Blevins

Hi Lelia,

I'm not sure exactly what you're asking, so let me cover a couple of possibilities to avoid misunderstanding:

a) It's probably true that I don't change my bed sheets quite as often as I could, but I don't sweat much, there are generally few other nocturnal leakages, and when there are, these are swiftly dealt with. I shower regularly - with soap! - brush my teeth twice a day and take great pride in the thoroughness of my post-toilet wiping. I'm fortunate enough to have an office-based job, and if I have to perform any manual tasks such as changing the oil on a car, digging shallow graves in remote moorland or shovelling shit, I take the precaution of wearing protective clothing.

b) I like sex, sure, but it never seems to last long enough for me to do anything other than a few fairly straightforward manoeuvres. I once saw a photo of a lady tied up with ropes, but I didn't like it.

Does that help?